What Is the Definition of Slaughter

The hell dogs of the city jumped to meet them, and the slaughter of harmless Europeans began in Darya Gunj. For most of the world, Bashar al-Assad is a brutal dictator responsible for the massacre of 100,000 people or more. Its record is largely that of battles and sieges, the courageous adventure of discovery and the boring slaughter of nations. In her white ball gown, Carrie is like a lamb at the slaughterhouse, blood staining her innocence. As Dan Honig prepared to slaughter an ox for the first time, he expected to feel devastated. Farewell and mourning end with the slaughter of dogs, so that the dying can have precursors in the other world. Middle English, of Scandinavian origin; similar to Old Norse slÄtra for slaughter; Similar to the old English sleaht slaughter, slÄan to slay â more at slay slaughter refers to the killing of a large number of animals or humans. When cattle are old enough, they are sent to the slaughterhouse and their meat is processed and shipped to stores. Outbreaks in factories have clogged the meat supply chain, causing a backlog of animals awaiting slaughter. Today, our response to the temporary closure of slaughterhouses may be a permanent opening of our eating habits to real factories. It proved difficult to get people to draw attention to a possible new round of battles in the region.

After all, Faith says, massive herbivores like these rhinos were slow to reproduce and it wouldn`t take “catastrophic carnage” for humans to breach the population. The name massacre was first used in the 1300s and comes from the Old Norse slahtr, which also described the slaughter of animals or humans. A verbal form came later, in the 1530s. You might hear carnage used to describe the killing of a large number of people in a war, genocide, or massacre. It can also be used figuratively to describe a crushing defeat, such as the slaughter of your basketball team by your bitter rivals. If, in some cases, the result is less reprehensible than direct slaughter, it is only because natural selection only sometimes contributes to reducing the denominator of the “fitness ratio”. This carnage is accompanied by smoking and what follows, namely singing and dancing. It was difficult for him to slaughter the faithful creature who knew him and came to meet him at the first sound of his voice. English language learners Definition of slaughter (entry 2 of 2) The meat lobby retaliated angrily by urging producers to stop sending animals to the slaughterhouse.

The reform took place in 1935 when Lenora Slaughter was hired to reinvent the competition as the new director. .